Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 
    Feb 21, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Administration and Staff

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Casmir I. Agbaraji, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Oklahoma

Randy J. Anderson, Maintenance Technician
Certificate, Construction College Navajo Technical University

Coleen Arviso, E-Learning Director
PhD-ED, E-Learning, North Central University

Jason Arviso, Vice-President of Operations
M.S., Management Information Systems, Capella University

Kyle R. Arviso, Academic Advisor
B.A. Sociology and Human Services, Fort Lewis College

Cheryll D. Atine, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist
BS, Criminal Justice Corrections, Weber State University
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II, Southwest Certification Board.

Lucille Barbone, Administrative Assistant

Braison Bebo, Maintenance Mechanic
A.A.S., Energy System, Navajo Technical University

Delores Becenti, Director of Enrollment
Ed. D., Higher Education Leadership, Walden University

Garrith Becenti, Senior Residential Assistant
Certificate, Environmental Science, Navajo Technical University

Laureen E. Becenti, Child Care Manager
M.A.E.D., Elementary Education, Northern Arizona University

Michelle K. Becenti, Accounting Technician
A.A.S. Accounting, Navajo Technical University

Tonilee Becenti, Executive Assistant
Certificate, Secretary I, Navajo Skill Center

Christina L. Begay, Administrative Assistant
AAS, Energy Systems, Navajo Technical University

Dody P. Begay, Systems Administrator
A.A.S., Information Technology, Navajo Technical University

Jacqueline N. Begay, Admissions Officer
(Chinle campus)

A.A.S., Office Specialist, Navajo Technical University

Jonathan Begay, Residential Assistant
A.A.S, Administrative Assistant, CIT

Linda Begay, Childcare Aide
A.A.S., Early Childhood Multicultural Ed., CIT

Ronald Begay, Maintenance Supervisor/Safety Officer

Sharie L. Begay, Veterinarian Office
A.A.S., Veterinary Technology, Navajo Technical College

Sheena L. Begay, Director of Institutional Data & Reporting
B.S., Sociology, University of New Mexico

Valencia T. Begay, Academic Counselor
(Chinle campus)

M.A., Counseling, Northern Arizona University

Yolanda A. Begay, Financial Aid Assistant
A.A.S., Applied Computer Technology, CIT

Marcella Begay-Jim, Administrative Assistant
A.A.S., Administrative Assistant, CIT

Arlena M. Benallie, Director of Chinle Instructional Site
M.M., University of Phoenix

DeWayne Benally, Cook Aid
Certificate, Automotive Trades, Navajo Technical College

Francine Bia, Bookstore Technician, (Chinle campus)
A.A.S., Accounting, Navajo Technical University

Colleen W. Bowman, Provost
Ed.D., Educational Management & Development, New Mexico State University

Matilda Bruce, Custodian
A.A.S., Early Childhood Multicultural Ed., NTC

Joe Chapa, Hotel and Restaurant Administration
M.A., Management, Webster University

Farrell Chapo, Maintenance Technician

Kirby Chapo, Childcare Cook

Byron D. Charlee, Fleet Management Coordinator

Twila K. Chavez, Senior Accountant
B.A., Accounting, Fort Lewis College

Kelly Chiquito, Registrar
BAS, I.T. Computer Science, Navajo Technical University

Geraldine Coan, Cook Aid
Certificate, Professional Baking, NTC

Brooklynne P. Cooke, Human Resources Office Assistant

Wanda Cook, Director of Human Resources
B.S., Instructional Technology & Training, University of New Mexico

Royce Craig, Warehouse Technician
Certificate, Veterinary Assistant, CIT

Renee Damon, Registrar Assistant
AAS, Administrative Office Specialist, Navajo Technical University

Angelita Darwin, Childcare Aid
B.S., Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Navajo Technical University

Germaine Daye, Director of NTU Teaching Hospital and Land Grant Programs
D.V.M., Colorado State University

Cynthia K. Dayish, Administrative Assistant
A.A.S., Public Administration, Navajo Technical University

Natalie M. Denezpi, Career and Internship Advisor
B.A., Elementary Education, Prescott College

Ophelia Descheney-Burnside, IT End User Support Specialist
A.A.S., Professional Assistant, NTC

Diamond A. Dineyazhe, Residential Assistant
A.A.S., Culinary Arts, Navajo Technical University

Gregory Dodge, Additive Manufacturing Technician
A.A.S., Computer Aided Drafting, CIT
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Member

Jarvis Draper, Campus Recruiter (Chinle campus)
B.A.S., Information Technology, Navajo Technical University

Virginia L. Edgewater, Disability Accommodation Specialist
MSPM, Project Mgmt., Colorado Technical University

Lydon K. Ellsworth, Information Technology Technician
Certificate, Automotive Diesel Technology, Universal Technical Institute

Ray Enrico, Transportation

Melvin D. Foster, Jr., Science Laboratory Technician
B.S., Biology, University of New Mexico

Jackie Francisco, Bookstore Assistant

Cuyler R. Frank, Communications Specialist
M.A., Communication Studies, New Mexico State University

Geraldine J. Gamble, Accounting Manager
B.A., Business Administration, Arizona State University

Lorena Giesbrecht, Catering Coordinator
A.A.S., Culinary Arts, Navajo Technical University

Wilson Gilmore, Residential Manager
B.A., Political Science, Minor-Psychology, University of New Mexico

Tomacita Grey, Sponsored Projects Manager
M.B.A., Accounting, Colorado Technical University

Elmer J. Guy, President
Ph.D., Rehabilitation, University of Arizona

Kenneth R. Hale, Sr., Residential Assistant
Certificate, Building Maintenance, CIT

Harold Halliday, Digital Technology Center Coordinator
Certificate, Drafting Technology, UNM-Gallup

Danielita A. Haskey, Academic Advisor
(Chinle campus)

M.A., Human Services Liberty University

Rhonda Henderson, ABE Date Technician/Instructor
B.S., Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Jerlynn J. Henry, Dean of Student Services
M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, Doane College

Melanie A. Herbert, Chemistry Laboratory Technician
B.S., Agriculture, New Mexico State University

Aaron M. Huber, Information Technology Technician
B.A.S., IT-Computer Science, Navajo Technical University

Mae James, Child Care Center Lead Teacher
B.S., Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Navajo Technical University

Freda E. Joe, Dual Credit Coordinator
B.S., Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Thelma Johnson, Admissions Assistant
Certificate, Secretarial Science, Navajo Skill Center

Tony K. Johnson, Jr., Custodian
Certificate, Agriculture, CIT

Benjamin B. Jones, Interim Director of Institutional Development
Ph.D., Political Science, Northern Arizona University

Kevin A. Kalleco, Electrician
Journeyman Certificate, ABC
State of NM Reg & Licensing Dept
License#: 354210 Exp: 11/30/2022

Howard L. Kayaani, Registrar Assistant
(Chinle campus)

A.A. Business Administration, Navajo Community College

George H. LaFrance III, Athletic Director
B.S., Psychology, Minor in Physical Education, Baker University

Menell G. Large, Accounts Receivable Technician
A.A.S., Accounting, NTC

Arlene B. Largo, Administrative Assistant
Certificate, Secretarial, Parks College

Dallas D. Larsen, Maintenance Technician
Certificate, Electrical trades, Navajo Technical University

Laura Leekela, Student Services Assistant (Zuni site)
Certificate, Clerk Receptionist, University of New Mexico

Hayes A. Lewis, Executive Director (Zuni site)
Ed.M., Educational Leadership & Administration, Harvard University

Charles A. Livingston, Cook Aide

Shirley Long, Administrative Assistant

Krystal R. Louis, Registered Veterinary Technician
A.A.S. Veterinary Technology, Navajo Technical University

Reynelle Lowsayatee, Director of Instruction (Zuni site)
M.A., Education, University of New Mexico

Lula M. Mariano, Community Health Outreach
B.S.W., New Mexico Highlands University

Lita H. Martin, Childcare Aide

Sherietta L. Martinez-Brown, First Year Experience Career & Academic Advisor
B.A.S., IT-Computer Science, Navajo Technical University

Daniel McLaughlin, Student Learning Coordinator
PhD, Educational Foundations, minor in Anthropological Linguistics, University of New Mexico

Michael K. McMillan, Student Life &Activities Coordinator
A.A.S., Energy Systems, Navajo Technical University

Beverly Miller, Payroll Technician
B.S., Accountancy Northern Arizona University

Crystal Morgan, Procurement Technician
A.A.S., Public Administration, NTC

Juanita R. Morgan, Lead Cook
A.A.S., Culinary Arts/Commercial Baking, Navajo Technical University

Lenora M. Morgan, Residential Assistant
AAS, Administrative Office Specialist, NTC

Paul Morgan, Transportation

Rhonda Morgan, ABE/GED Coordinator
B.S., Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Sherry Morgan, Custodian
Certificate, Nursing Assistant, CIT

Teresa M. Morgan, Custodian

Marleen H. Nelwood, Lead Cook,
Certificate, Culinary Arts, CIT

Vangee Nez, Bond Wilson Site Coordinator
PhD., Lit & Sociocultural St, University of New Mexico

Sharon M. Noel, Legal Counsel
J.D., Law, University of Montana

Zyna M. Norton, Residential Assistant

Elvis Pateah, IT Specialist (Zuni site)

Shanna Penketewa, Administrative Assistant (Zuni site)
A.A., Business Administration, University of New Mexico

Alexandre J. Perry, Webmaster
B.A.S., IT/Computer Science, Navajo Technical University

Christanna Platero, Custodian
Certificate, Culinary Arts, CIT

Sharon Platero, Database Administrator
B.S., Information Security System, ITT Technical Institute

Marla Price, Library Assistant
A.A.S., Applied Computer Technology, CIT

Shawna L. Ramone, Warehouse Technician

Marileeyn Reddye, Receptionist
Certificate, Administrative Assistant, CIT

Clifton Robinson, Jr., IT Technician
A.A.S., Applied Computer Technology, CIT

Jared Ribble, Director Information Technology
B.S., Information Technology, Salish Kootenai College

Donovan Sam, Information Technology Specialist (Chinle campus)
BAS, Information Technology, Navajo Technical University

Lenora Sam, Administrative Assistant, Maintenance & Operations
A.A.S., Administrative Assistant, CIT

Arlene L. Saunders, Custodian

Gary Segay, Financial Aid Manager
B.A., Liberal Arts, University of New Mexico

Geraldine Slim, Administrative Assistant-Nursing
A.A.S., Computer Technology, CIT

James Tabaaha, Copy Services Operator
B.A., Bi-Culture Studies, Fort Lewis College

Cheryl Thompson, Finance Director
M.S., Higher Education Leadership & Administration, Capella University

Frank Todacheeny, Teec Nos Pos Site Coordinator
D.Ed., Educational Administration and Supervision, Arizona State University

Brenda L. Tom, Benefits Coordinator
A.A.S., Administrative Assistant, CIT

James W. Tom, Groundskeeper

Rena B. Tom, Financial Aid Assistant
Certificate, Clerk-Typist, Utah Technical Skills Center

Darin E. Tsosie, Maintenance Technician/Custodian

Leslie M. Tsosie Academic Advisor
A.S., Business Administration, Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute

Sylvia A. Tyler, Budget Manager
B.B.A., Finance/Managerial, New Mexico Highlands University

Daniel W. Vandever, Marketing & Communications Director
M.A., Community and Regional Planning, University of New Mexico

Rebecca Vicenti, Human Resources Administrative Assistant
A.A.S., Accounting, Navajo Technical University

Myron G. Wauneka, Custodian
Certificate, Carpentry, CIT

Gina A. Williams, Lead Cook
A.A.S., Culinary Arts, Navajo Technical College

Shirleen A. Willie, Contracts & Grants Accountant
M.B.A., Accounting, Colorado Technical University

Andrea Wilson, Career Services Coordinator
A.S., Health Information Technology, University of New Mexico

Robert Witte, Culinary Arts/Food Services Coordinator
Certified Executive Chef, American Culinary Federation

Brenda Yazzie, Campus Recruiter
B.U.S., University of New Mexico

Chris Yazzie, Telecommunication Technician
A.A.S., Applied Computer Technology, CIT

Judy A. Yazzie, Financial Aid Assistant
(Chinle campus)

A.A., Business Administration, NTC

Vic B. Yazzie, Custodian

Ada B. Yellowhair, Lead Cook
Certificate, Culinary Arts, CIT